Professional Mobile Waxing

Mobile Waxing In Lancashire.

Firstly, I only use Salon System for trained professionals waxing system.

The main aim of me using my waxing salon system is to be completely hygienic as it contains antiseptic to kill any unwanted bacteria and includes a fungicide with the most reliable waxing qualities.

I can offer you the most reliable, instant and easy way to treat and remove unwanted hair.

Hair removal and waxing results can last from 4-6 weeks as each individual’s skin is different.

I can promise you that I will take care of your precious skin and remove all unwanted hair and leave you with incredible smooth waxing results.

Waxing is the best way to prepare yourself and your skin for holidays, sunbathing, special occasions, and swimming.

I can offer you a completely fully qualified and trained waxing service encompassing the best knowledge and experience utilizing my unique techniques.

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For A Professional Mobile Waxing Service

Mobile Waxing Services Provided by myself is completed in 3 simple steps:

  1. Prepare the skin with pre-wax lotion to remove unwanted grease and dirt to be completely clean and ready for wax application.
  2. Flexible is the best and quickest technique to apply warm wax with disposable wooden spatulas. These are used to prevent infection. Strong waxing papers are also used to finish the touch of the waxing treatment.
  3. At the last stage of my waxing technique is to apply my after wax lotion or an oil to remove and prevent your smooth skin from being sticky and to leave your body wax smooth and gorgeous.

Every client is responsible to take advice and precautions after the waxing treatment. To avoid and protect skin from the reaction it is asked not to have a bath immediately and not to apply any deodorants, perfumed creams or lotions. Avoid sunbed treatments within 24 hours before and after waxing or hot treatments like paraffin wraps.


The Different Types Of Body Waxing


Eyebrow waxing

Eyebrow waxing is ideal for occasional, casual, or formal events. An excellent and beautiful change to the look and shape of your eyes make your eyes stand out more prominent and give you that neat symmetrical look. Eyebrows are waxed with warm wax and waxing trips. The eyebrows are then tidied with professional tweezers to give you a fabulous perfect eyebrow look. Advice can be given about the correct suitable shape prior to wax.


Lip wax

Lip Wax and lip waxing is excellent for darker, stronger or even fine blond hair. Lip Waxing gives you a tidy look and it will get rid of unwanted hair around the lip area and provides you with a wonderful clean waxed feeling.


Underarm wax

Underarm Wax or underarm waxing is an excellent option for spring and summer or any special occasion. Very clean and smooth feeling after underarm waxing has been completed. It’s the best and longest lasting way to feel hygienic 24 hours a day. This female waxing treatment is a big favorite with my existing clients. It helps prevent sweating, where deodorant is held properly on the skin.


Chin wax

Chin Wax or chin waxing is good for creating a younger look. Chin waxing will reduce the growth of hairs as chin waxing removes the hair at the root creating a longer lasting waxed smoothness.


Hands and arm wax

Hand and arm waxing is a perfect treat for nice weather, new short clothing, and swimming and promotes a waxed younger smoother sort after youthful look. It’s a very popular treatment because of its longer lasting smooth effects.


Leg wax

Leg wax or leg waxing for a beautiful, long lasting gorgeous looking smooth skin. Waxing of the toes is included in this treatment. Leg waxing also promotes that beautiful glow and shine you get with summer.

Bikini wax

Bikini wax

Bikini Wax or bikini waxing is where bikini line is very straight and neat to get that perfect bikini look. Bikini Waxing is ideal for holidays, or where you want to wear more revealing swimwear or underclothes.

Bikini wax

Brazilian wax

Brazilian wax or Brazilian waxing feels great and is very hygienic. Brazilian waxing is a luxury waxing treatments for clients who like a luxury treat and will leave a perfectly shaped strip positioned in the middle of your groin area. In growing hairs can also be removed.

Bikini wax

Hollywood Wax

Hollywood Wax or Hollywood waxing leaves no hair whatsoever and removes in growing hair. Hollywood waxing will leave the skin feeling absolutely fabulously smooth. It’s for only for female clients who want to look young and leaves you feeling very sexy.

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