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Slovakian massage is a practical way to stimulate your aching muscles tension, motion, or vibration and helps the blood pressure flow well whilst the oxygen gets through to your skin cells. Muscles are constantly under heavy pressure by exercising in the gym, at work especially sat behind the computers, doing manual work or any other activity where muscles are down to stretching, lifting or carrying a weight.

Having your own Mobile Beautician is very personal and confidential. This is one of my many advantages over choosing a salon. My services are provided by myself EVERY TIME so you get to know me not just on a professional level but also on a personal one too. 97% of my clients have become clients for life which speaks volumes for my quality, pricing and service.

What is Slovakian Massage?

Traditional massage from Slovakia is based on relaxation for body, mind and soul. It will give you everything your body needs. I can identify where the aching muscles and joints are giving pressure by examining the muscles of the affected area. All my massages include an effleurage (a technique where essential oils are applied by hand) before and after massaging designed to invoke heat with my hands through friction.

Slovakian massage is a very effective style utilising my hands, fingers, elbows, and wrists and hand palms with a combination from light to medium pressure into the deep tissue. Whichever area is to be treated, a different techniques is provided this is what makes my massage very unique. With my special Slovakian massage techniques I assure you that you will get the best results and it will be one of the massage therapies you have ever tried.

Where Massages are Provided?

Most of my clients prefer to have a massage done at home or at work. I provide my own clean and fresh towels for each client. I will ask my client to show me where the massage is to be preformed, office chair, spare bed, anywhere you will feel relaxed where I can get all my massage materials ready I will make the area as welcoming as possible.

Why Choose Slovakian Massage?

  • Full consultation given prior a massage on appointment day by a qualified massage therapist.
  • Identify the reason why massage is needed.
  • Identify areas which are most aching and damaged.
  • Provide and work massage on most needed affected areas.
  • Use large number of Slovakian unique techniques and massage motions.

What Do Slovakian Massage Techniques Involve?

  • Light effleurage.
  • Heavy and Deep effleurage.
  • Manual vibration..
  • Iron wrist massage motions.
  • Palm hand spreads.
  • Skin stretch motions.
  • Finger tips pressure points.
  • Deep dragging motion.
  • Elbows circulation motions.

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