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Facial Treatments for Lancashire region

Every person’s facial skin needs looking after in its own special way. My skin care facial treatments is one of the most important treatments I will recommend. My facials for women can make your skin look fresher, younger and leave you feeling absolutely incredible.

My main aim, the first time you book facial treatments with me, is to identify which facial treatments and / or facial massage is the right facial treatment for you and your skin.

Following my professional advice your chosen mobile facial treatments will give you the best results for your own individual skin type. Slovakian facial treatments have been built on passion, quality, and the unique way in which I use my touch of hand.

Only using 100% natural facial treatment products which are suitable for every type of skin.

My Facial Treatments Consist of

Classic mini facial or Eye care facial

This Classic Facial is recommended for all type and age of skin, includes the cleans, ex-foliation, light facial massage and appropriate mask and final touch of eye cream and facial moisturiser. This facial is recommended to keep youthful looks once a week.

Bronze mini facial or Aromatherapy facial

Mini facial with cleanse, ex-foliation and light massage or essential oils blended with and face, neck mask is the final touch before applying the bronze tanning cream. This mini facial treatment will give you a base to prepare your skin which will give an incredibly tanned look, especially for those clients who have difficulties to tan easy.

Regeneration Refresh facial or Hot Stone facial

This treatment is recommended for sensitive to normal and pre-mature skin. It includes a deep clean, eye cleans, face scrub, effective long lasting 25 hand movements massage with regeneration mask with a final touch of quality facial moisturiser. My Hot stone facial massage is provided by using heated facial stones to suit your required temperature.

Healthy Derma/ Steamer Facial

It is recommended for oily and combination with blemish prone skin. Using a Herbal compound or a paraffin wax to complete this facial treatment. Your skin will look cleaner, vibrant and radiant. It also includes the complete cleans, ex-foliation and 2x application masks.

Complete healthy skin Facial

Get a 2 in 1 facial together, receive healthy derma steam facial and full face massage facial. It is the most luxury and complete facial you can choose from. It includes eyelash tint, eyebrow wax.

Lovely sleeps

Anti-wrinkle and anti stress facial will relax you into a pleasant slumber. It includes, cleans, ex-foliation, full face & neck massage .It finishes with pressure point head & ears massage. This facial is highly recommended for migraine sufferers. Including full face, neck massage made of 25 important massage movements by my own hands.

All facials are carefully structured from step one to the final touch. The whole idea of having a facial is the incredible feeling you experience during the facial treatment and the wonderful immediate visual results afterwards.

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