Manicure Treatments

Manicure Provided by a Qualified Beautician in Lancashire

My manicure concentrates on the skin on hands, fingers, shape of the nails, cuticle areas, quality of your nails and their own layers, concentrating on preventing skin from becoming too dry even with minor symptoms of eczema and burst unpleasant skin.

Nails should always look tidy clean and neat. This is a visit for your own personal hygiene as we use our hands at all times and show the level of hygiene especially underneath the nails.

Hand treatments

File, Polish and Finish Touch of Color

This is recommended for a quick refresh up for special occasions or holidays. I use many different quality products including Christian Dior and Givenchy for quality results every time.

Full Basic Natural Manicure

A hot oiling a warm antibacterial manicure water used on cuticles to support them to clean and softens them as it helps dry skin and nails, followed with file, polish, hands and fingers massage, finish touch of nail varnish colour and moisturising essential cuticle oil to keep the nails nourish.

Aromatherapy With Essential Oils

My luxury manicure is presented in sheer luxury and is based on a full natural manicure with long strokes of my hands. Your fingers and arms are massaged with the clients choice of essential or botanical oils poured in warm melted paraffin wax to soften and highly moisturise skin to all necessary dry areas.

This paraffin wax will be applied to a thickness level that feels warm and soothing. Slowly peeled off from your nourished skin this luxury paraffin is left on for couple of minutes which is enough to give you deserving benefits and is wrapped in a heat retaining material. As a final touch moisturiser can be applied occasionally over a period of time but is not always needed to give fantastic results.

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