Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Treatments available in Lancashire

My Pro Spa Hot Stones will give you all the satisfaction you need if you are looking for luxury treatments to make you feel warm and relaxed.

There are lots of different and specially shaped hot stones to fit every part on your body from small areas to larger areas. Hot stones are incredible and can relieve paid aches and rheumatism.

My Pro Spa stones are carefully placed into my hot stone machine to achieve the correct and most comfortable temperature for each hot stone client. On different parts of your body your skin will react differently to variations in temperature some may be more sensitive than others so the correct stone and temperature will be carefully established before the application begins.

The wonderful feelings you get after each of my hot stone treatments are amazing and have fantastic pain relief properties to the body, especially muscular pain sufferers. The radiating heat and my expert application coupled with the carefully selected aromatherapy oils will leave you feeling invigorated, relaxed and very calm.

Hot stone massage has an amazingly calming effect when essential oils are introduced to the hot stone massage treatment. These oils have an unusually calming and relaxing effect on your body and mind. You can choose from a wide a varied choice of essential oils to suite your mood.

The main objective of my hot stone treatments is to provide relief to aching and stiff areas of your body by using massage and radiating heat to deeply penetrate the aching muscles in areas such as your back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, face, neck, arms, shoulders, hands, wrists, torso, basically anywhere that your body is experiencing pain.

Treatment for Woman Suffering from Extreme Pain

I would highly recommend this hot stone massage treatment for woman who suffer from extreme back pain, neck, and shoulder pain, tension or cold in the muscle areas. You should only receive these treatments from a highly qualified professional. Many of my existing clients say this treatment is a favourite and regularly book again and again.

Tools To Give You Most Incredibly Relaxed Feeling

All my hot stones are kept in fresh and clean sanitized water and applied to clients with the appropriate tools to give you most incredibly relaxed feeling. Hot stone massage can also have beneficial properties to assist your blood flow, reduce acids from skin cells, increase circulation, and by using the correct techniques my hot stone massage will relieve the pressure for you.

Reflexology Techniques

Hot Stone massage can be extremely beneficial when recovering from say an operation, or an accident where muscular pain relief is required. It can also be coupled with reflexology techniques to further enhance its properties.

All clients are responsible for themselves to make sure that they are healthy to choose this treatment. If you suffer from heart problem or extremely high blood pressure I personally don’t recommend this treatment.

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