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HD Eyebrows

I have been providing a Highly defined eyebrow service for many years, just ask my existing clients (see testimonials). Its only recently since the likes of Katie Price has highlighted the wonderful benefits of Defined eyebrows that people now want to give them a try, and why not they look awesome.

One of the advantages of my defined eyebrow techniques is that you don’t have to have my treatments repeated daily or weekly, once I have applied my eyebrow technique the results can last up to about two months. The point of my mobile eyebrows service is to enhance the natural shape of your brows and bring out a high definition, long lasting look you have been searching for. My Defined eyebrows give you a chance to look natural and radiant again.

My advice to all of you is to try a standard reshape and colour first. If you then feel like a more semi permanent option the ask me about my other eyebrow treatments. My Highly Defined eyebrows are almost semi-permanent as eyebrows are coloured for at least couple of weeks. I will help chose the correct colour and shape to suite your facial features.

For many years, mobile beauty therapist has been providing a Hghly Defined eyebrows service to many satisfied clients. Nearly all of my clients now have their eyebrow treatments done about every 2 months and all of them say my treatments are great value for money (see my price list). Most ladies noticed the drastic changes made by my highly definined eyebrows. The changes where so obvious that immediately everyone wanted my specialist eyebrows including their friends and family and who could blame them.

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