Pamper Party

Pamper Parties
Pamper Parties

Pamper Parties are provided and well organised

All my Pamper Parties are provided and well organised with a fully insured and qualified pamper party beautician (me) to meet and satisfy your pamper-party needs and requests. A Full consultation with each client will be made before each pamper party begins.

A Pamper-Party is the best opportunity to invite your friends, family or relatives to come along and enjoy the feeling of being relaxed and pampered all at the same time. Also enjoying my professional beauty advice and time spent with a Mobile Beauty Therapist organised by myself every time. I will ensure everyone benefits from one of the largest ranges of quality Mobile Beauty Treatments available to enhance your pamper-party experience.

Pampering Parties are also an excellent opportunity to socialise and are in the main arranged by ladies and girls of all ages and everybody is very welcome. Individual clients will receive their own chosen beauty pamper treatment or many treatments together chosen from my price list.

Whatever the occasion pamper parties can be arranged as, Hen pamper parties, Holiday Pamper Parties, Birthday Pamper Parties, Spring Pamper Party’s, Summer Pamper Parties, Engagement Pamper Parties, Baby Shower pamper parties, Wedding Pamper Parties, Well being Pamper Party’s, Kids Pamper Parties, Teenage Pamper-Party, Social event Pamper Parties, Barbecue Pamper Parties, Pamper nights in, New house pamper Parties, Office Pamper Parties, Basically you can have a Pamper-Party for almost any occasion.

popularity of my Pamper Parties

Due to the popularity of my Pamper Parties all Bookings should be requested as early as possible so as not to be disappointed. Once I receive your request I will need to know exactly how many people are involved in the pamper party and what kind of treatments they require. For Guidance on pricing see my Price List.

Pamper Party’s are usually held in the hostess’s home although they are sometimes arranged at retreats or hotels. Please advise me of the location when booking.

Preston Pamper party payment terms are simple. Either you can pay all together or individually if you wish. A small deposit will be required for your first pamper party and a receipt will be provided for each Pamper Party booking on conclusion.

The hostess who arranges the Pamper Party also benefits with a £5.00 voucher. The voucher is redeemable on the next booking for the hostess.


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Make-up Tips and Hints

My beauty tips can be provided and booked for clients who would like to learn or to know more about the colours and different types of lipsticks, eye shadows, contours, pencils, foundation and find out how to apply the correct colours and make-up tools the nicest way to keep your skin looking young and refreshed.

Make Up Preparation

Before I apply any make-up a mini skin facial is first completed to clean, cleanse and prepare the skin to a smooth a radiant look before any make up is applied.

Make up artistry lessons can also be purchased in the form of gift vouchers for that very special person.

Make up Lessons

Make-up lessons can be provided in courses of 5 or 10 sessions. These lessons are very handy and will provide you with a unique way to apply make up like the stars. See my price list. For further details

Why not try an alternative gift package and buy a makeup artistry lesson from a professional make up artist.

Call or text me on 07766 316 553

Book A Pamper Party Or Pamper Parties In Preston, Leyland, Southport, Wigan, Chorley, Bolton, And Blackburn Area’S