Pedicure Treatments

Pedicure Treatments are Available in Lancashire

A pedicure is a treatment to improve the appearance of the feet and toes. Pedicure treatments provide a similar feeling and outcome just like a manicure. The word pedicure originally coming from Latin PEDIS, which links with word foot and word cura, as a care.

A pedicure beauty treatment will help prevent nail disease or disorder. Pedicure is not just all about nails. When I am performing my pedicure treatments I mostly pay attention to dry wrinkle dead skin which can be scrubbed off by using a rough stone called a pumice stone.

As we all use feet everyday is very important to pay attention on hard unwanted skin and very tired feet, and my pedicure can make such a big difference and provide a healthy look and most of give that incredibly great feeling to your tired feet.

The secret of a Slovakian pedicure is to release the pressure in nerve ending at the base of the foot. With pedicure comes foot massage. It is the most enjoyable part of having a luxury pedicure. It helps you to keep the blood regulating in the most sensitive areas and release unwanted pressure in nerves in the areas we use at all times whilst on our feet all day.

The best combination I can offer you is massage completed by my own hands with essential oils of menthol, which will make your skin cool, smooth, rejuvenate and fresh with a clean feeling. Its important to receive the best skin protection and every step is protected by antibacterial spray specifically designed for hygiene.

I Can Offer You The Following Foot Treatments With Using All Professional Products From Heel To Toe.

  1. File, polish and finish touch of color- I recommend this quick service especially when you don’t have enough for pampering or quick refresh up for holidays or specials occasions.
  2. Full natural basic Pedicure- It concentrate on full feet soak, removal of hard skin, cuticles areas, trimming the toes into full natural shape, polish on the top coat of each toe, relaxing short massage and finished up with touch of painting.
  3. Luxury pedicure- is especially based on word luxury and will give you all benefits and attention feet should have. It starts up with good long soak in antibacterial foot gel, ex-foliation by using antibacterial scrub, removal of unwanted hard skin, care of cuticles, cutting toes to he natural shape, file and polish and removal unwanted hard lines on toes followed with a reflexology and ending up with the warm paraffin wax with foot mittens applied. The main goal of the warm paraffin treatment is to regenerate and uplift and warm up your tired and dry feet.

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